CNR Expo

Before planning your trip, check with your national Turkish Embassy to verify your own visa requirements.
The CNR Expo venue is conveniently located next to the airport.

CNR Expo address:

Merkezi, Yeşilköy-Bakırköy, Istanbul

By Air:

Istanbul's international gateway is Atatürk International Airport, approximately 23km west of the city centre.
Served by over 50 international carriers, Istanbul's modern international airport is compact and easy to navigate.
From landing to clearing customs usually takes no more than 20 minutes. There are direct flights from most major European, Middle Eastern and Asian cities.

Passport holders from a number of countries require a visa to enter the Turkish Republic.
Simple visas can be purchased online prior to entering the country which saves time queing at the airport, just ensure you take a printed copy with you for your travel

There are several alternatives for travelling from the city centre to FESPA Eurasia, but if you're not familiar with Istanbul, we suggest you take a taxi. Enter your location and get directions to the venue:

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